Current Projects

WIP Novels:

The Bastard Governor : Currently at 40,000 words.

Christopher Ward is a bastard in a world that only recognises blood line. He hasn't done too badly for himself - governor of a province that no-one else wants, he's put ten long years into keeping the peace and creating a place where his adopted son can grow up safe.

But being a bastard has implications, especially when the second prince calls Chris to the capital to inform him that he does want the province after all. Chris's attempts to keep control seem to be making things worse - he ends up indebted to a foreign national who has he own motives for assisting, almost looses his son to a blood curse, and is forced to contemplate working with the very person who seeks to take his province from him.

Finally, something works. A political marriage, to grant him the legitimacy of a royal name. But that doesn't turn out to be the best decision either, because the Prince wasn't the only one interested in this little piece of land, sandwiched between two foreign powers. 

WIP Short Fiction:

Nine Tenths of the Law - Approx 5000 words. Currently through it's second set of betas, and off to the third.

Clarence Huntington is the daughter of traitors. In a highly tiered society, she fits in on the bottom rung, a secretary in a government building. Life is complicated, but do-able.

Then a Government Dragon Mage is demoted to run the building's security after the loss of his dragon. If Clary was the normal scum of the earth progeny, she'd have enough issues. The highly illegal psychic connection she shares with a young dragon complicates things.

Sekrit Story Swap Story: Approx 2630 words - still writing.

This one's for a Kris Kringle type story swap over at Absolute Write Water Cooler, in the SF/F sub forum. Most of the fun is tied up in not telling you what it's about :D

Sci-fi Short Story (unnamed as of now): 1208 words, still writing

A group of people exist who have the final vengence against death and injury - they transmit prions by transferance of bodily fluids in the case of injury or near death. Sara, a prionite, wakes up in hospital after a hit and run. A hospital ward for prionites. The question is whether she's ever going to be able to leave. Or whether any of their "normal" doctors and carers are allowed to leave either.

Stories on Submission


Fire and Salted Earth - 1040 words. On sub since 29/01/14

There is just the bunker, protecting him from the world he helped destroy. Then a woman stumbles into his life, and drags him out of it.

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