Character Health and Welfare 101

Character Health and Welfare 101

Or: Not how to look like a noob and have characters surviving things they shouldn't

Here you'll find my collected posts and links to resources that are useful for dealing with a character's injury and illness. Most of these will be concentrated on things that can be done for the characters in the hours after their injury, or the onset of their illness. I'm studying to be a paramedic, not a nurse or a doctor, so I know a lot less about long term care. A good amount of this information could probably be found in a variety of textbooks if you wanted to go trawling through them. I've had my lecturers and tutors filter the information out once, and I see myself again acting as a filter.

It goes without saying that this information should only be used on characters, and does not in any way shape or form constitute health advise for real people. That's what your doctor is for, get ye there.

Firstly: My Posts 


10 things Books and Movies tend to get Wrong about Injury

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