Flash Fiction Challenges

Flash Fiction Challenges (Free stories, yay!)

This is almost more for my records than anything else, but I do like me some flash fiction, and not all of it is for "let's edit it till I hate it so it's publishable" stuff. Some of it's for fun. So I figured I'd keep the links all together in one nice and tidy place. (Also, it'll be neat to have them all here to look back on one day.)

Snowbound Wire: 

Otherwise known as "why overconfident brats shouldn't mess with weather magic". Especially when the only qualified mage around specialises in insects.


More Than One Way to be Trapped
In which an android learns to let go of the man who created him. And there is more than one meaning to the word trapped.

The Curse of the Juniper Tree

Once upon a time, a boy came back to life, and avenged his death. Now, years later, he discovers that he might have stopped before his part in the vengeance was complete.

A Recipe for Heartbreak

"It's a small measure of hate. Half a shake of rosemary for all the years he strung you along. An ounce of his blood, a nice drop of wine from a organic place. Preservatives will mess with the spell-work.

Feel free to drink some of that wine while you're letting the start of the potion simmer."

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