Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Doctor Who and Vincent Van Gogh

Well. Firstly, let me say for those who don't know, I am obsessed with Doctor Who. Yes, the geek revealed (if you already didn't get it from the writing, the never been with a guy thing and the wanting to write sci-fi). Fortunately for me, I manage to have other sides to my personality, which means I'm not a total bore when vodka shots are involved. Nor can I talk only about nerdy things. At least, that's my opinion (I'm pretty sure Sebas, Edgar and Joel don't even realise that I spend most of my waking hours making up purely imaginary stories and agonising over choice of words). Courtney knows, because I told her.
Anyway, I've been busy doing all the other things that life has to offer. Going out, having dinner with people, partying ect. So I haven't watched doctor who for a while. The last episode I watched, a main character died, and I was quite pissed off.
There are some moments in doctor who, however, some episodes, where I just can't get over how well they are made, how intelligent they are, how human, and how good that acting was.
This particular episode was one of those. The doctor and Amy travelled back in time to help Vincent V.G get rid of a monster. Normal enough fare.
The guilt the doctor feels over Rory, the depressions of Van Gogh, the portrayal of how he sees the world, the way the depression destroys him even though he becomes aware of how famous he is...
It was just so real. Nothing went right. The monster wasn't all that evil, in the end, but they only realised after they killed it. Amy and the Doctor weren't able to save the Doctor from his depression. But there was hope, and happiness, and sadness, and loss that the body felt but the mind didn't know.
It was beautiful. In the way that sometimes a book can be beautiful in style with tons of adverbs, adjective, metaphors and similes, yet the writing only enhances the story and characters, not takes away from them.
I got teary at the end. Someone was able to make something which made me feel physical pain and grief, and made me want to rush off to Paris to see all of Van Gogh's paintings.
I only wish that something I create will do that to someone, preferably in my lifetime.
Amazing. A round of applause to the people over at BBC Wales. May charming accents, redheads and moving stories live forever.

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