Saturday, November 06, 2010

Sudden Realisation: Steam-punk

You know what? Before now I was operating on a very loose idea of what steam-punk was. I thought it was just about steam in the Victorian era. So it made no sense for me to have trams or bi-copters, or to even contemplate airships, because, well, it's just not possible to load a massive steam powered engine onto an airship. Gravity would get you quicker than you can think about it.

But that's not what steam-punk is about. Definitely, there a lot of steam, and cogs and brass about. But there is also electricity. The difference being it is applied to the ideas of the Victorian Era.

The ideas of the time knew nothing about the modern ideas of cars or computers. Their sense of magnificence was always present, trying to make an impression was vitally important in a class bound society.

So steam-punk, in my mind at least, is the principals of technology, the science behind the technology, applied to a Victorian Era. Or in my case, colonial Australia in the Victorian Era.

And you know, my hunch was right. The unions were playing funny buggers about the late 1800's. They're most definitely a good start to the revolution.

I need to get to the state library some time. I also need to design a airship tomorrow. That will be... interesting, given my previous attempts at designing verticals.

Wish me luck,


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